Dan Stringer

navigating the convergence of faith, culture and the common good

About Dan

My story: Born in Honolulu, a *hapa* child of an interracial marriage (Chinese American+Anglo American), I grew up as a TCK (third culture kid) in 5 countries on 3 continents due to my parents’ work as medical missionaries.

As a campus minister with InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries (GFM) at the University of Hawai’i, I launch and equip faith communities who make a redemptive impact among the people, ideas and structures of academia. I’m a graduate of Wheaton College, the University of Hawai’i (Master of Social Work), and Fuller Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity).

Ordained to Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Covenant Church, my passion is navigating the convergence of faith, culture, and the common good. Prior to joining InterVarsity in 2016, I served in pastoral ministry for 4 years and practiced social work for 8 years addressing poverty and homelessness. Support my work here.

I’ve written for Inheritance magazine, Missio Alliance, Level Ground, and contributed a chapter for the book, Father Factor. I’m currently under contract with IVP to write a book on what to do with evangelicalism’s good, bad and ugly without minimizing any of those aspects. Look for it in 2021.  

I’m married to Rebecca, a pastor at Wellspring Covenant Church, and we have 3 boys. Following a 6-month battle with liver cancer, our second son Vincent died in 2010 at the age of 18 months. In addition to chronicling my journey through the grieving process, this website began as a blog exploring the intersection of faith and culture from my vantage point within the shifting landscape of 21st century evangelicalism.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my affiliations, loved ones or (heaven forbid) the multifaceted totality of the Christian faith.

[photo credit: Steven G. Henderson]