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March 31, 2016

10 reasons to buy (at least some of) your books at Archives

As one of several hundred Fuller Seminary students fortunate enough to live across the street from Archives Bookshop, I originally posted this last week on our student housing facebook page. I’m re-sharing it here for the benefit of other Pasadena friends, as well as anyone with the opportunity to shop at an independent bookstore near...

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September 23, 2014

Shameless plug for an awesome book I’m in

In March of last year, Andy Campbell asked me to write an essay for an upcoming book he was editing on faith and fatherhood featuring contributions from 40 Christian men under the age of 40. Saying yes was the easy part. Then came writing, editing, revising and re-writing. The process took a while, but I’m very...

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July 31, 2013

Is there hope for apologetics?

I remember attending a debate in college between a Christian and an atheist. Before it started, the room was abuzz with anticipation, like a stadium before kickoff. After the competitors were introduced to applause and scattered boos, they each proceeded to argue forcefully for their belief system, trading punch lines and other rhetorical jabs. Along...

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March 27, 2013

Book review: Creating a Missional Culture

Who has time to read every new book with the word “missional” in its title? Personally, I haven’t always been a fan of how this buzzword gets used, whether to baptize PR strategies aimed at boosting Christianity’s poll numbers or to unveil ecclesiological secrets promising to revolutionize the face of ministry as we know it....

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September 8, 2011

Summer reading recap

The most lazily enriching summer of my life has come to an end. But oh what a summer it was; rejoicing after graduation, reconnecting with family, relaxing internationally, recuperating from busyness via recreation outdoors, realigning the soul through reflective prayer and preaching. And let’s not forget the signature diversion of summertime bliss: reading. No summer is...

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