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Loon’s linkage (January/February ’13)

February 28, 2013

  • LoonA field guide for pastoral facial hair
  • Philip Yancey suggests a 5-word summary of the Bible.
  • Robert Chao Romero reflects on growing up half-Chinese and half-Mexican.
  • Gregory Wolfe on the “whispered” faith of today’s literature
  • High school math teacher Jake Scott raps about the “Quadradic Formulatic.”
  • Alexandra Bradner on why America’s “favorite joke” is anything but funny.
  • Gary Brinn lists 9 secrets your pastor can’t share in a sermon.
  • David Brooks outlines the economic case for comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Jen Pollock Michel on why being skinny is not a Christian virtue
  • Edward Gilbreath laments that “our nation’s collective imagination and humanity are no longer big enough to tolerate an America where we can practice loving our neighbors, even as we disagree with their politics.”
  • David Gushee reframes (and reminds us) what it means to say one is an “evangelical.”
  • NYT interviews Tim Keller on our “strange relationship with the idea of work.”
  • CT remembers the late Richard Twiss.
  • Alan Jacobs tells extraverts (while insisting on spelling it that way) to “just leave us alone.”
  • Thanks for the links! I also read the Gregory Wolfe article and got his book “Beauty will Save the World”. The book is a wonderful read challenging Christians to not abandon culture or become a subculture. In the article the author Christopher Beha was listed as a contemporary author who incorporates Christianity in a meaningful way. I just finished reading his book, “What Happened to Sophie Wilder”, which is as described. I would recommend it…

  • Thanks Carolin for stopping by and sharing this recommendation. I too appreciated Wolfe’s approach to culture in Beauty will Save the World (still love that title). Will look into Beha’s work as well.

  • Matt

    Some good links. I like the beards one.

    I couldn’t find a general comment area on your blog so I just thought I would throw it under your most recent post.
    I haven’t seen you post anything about firearms yet. Not sure if you have a stance or not but it is deffinitely a national and state issue. And yes I may be playing a little bit of devil’s advocate.