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Loon’s linkage (July/August ’11)

August 31, 2011

  • Rebecca Stringer on what NOT to say to a grieving parent (and thankfully, what TO say)
  • Brett McCracken on lessons learned since his days as a Wheaton College freshman
  • Rachel Held Evans on 13 things she won’t do this election season
  • Jamie Smith compares post-Protestant skepticism and Catholic doubt
  • Ellen Painter Dollar on the valuable but complex role of personal stories in discussions concerning reproductive ethics
  • Tim Keller on a preacher’s call to evangelize while edifying, as well as edify while evangelizing
  • Napp Nazworth on why a willingness to compromise does not mean you have given up on your principles
  • Paul Loeb on flawed heroes, Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea), and the “perfect standard trap”
  • Michael Patton on the spectrum between Christianity’s theological essentials and non-essentials
  • Elaine Storkey on the life of egalitarian pioneer Katherine Clark Kroeger
  • Wow friend, so honored to make the list, thanks!