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Loon’s linkage (June ’11)

June 30, 2011

  • Jim Miller, in the form of a letter, lets us in on the experience of baptizing his own daughter.
  • Rebecca Stringer continues to generate perceptive and courageous reflections on working through grief.
  • Anthony Bradley describes why the marketplace (gasp) is an honorable context for those pursuing social justice and human dignity.
  • Whether by historical observation or personal experience, Rachel Held Evans can vouch for the perils of overcorrecting.
  • Michael Patton lists 10 things learned in 5 years of blogging.
  • Timothy Sherrat on the absence of civility in American politics: “Reducing real differences to stereotypes is enticing because stereotypes economize the hard work of acquiring knowledge, checking facts, developing good judgment, and persuading on the merits.”
  • Margot Starbuck searches for Abba on Father’s Day.
  • Mercer Schuchardt renders an eloquent plea for churches to rethink their use of electronic media tools on Sunday mornings.
  • Eugene Cho is apparently both “fortunate” and “blessed” to be a man.