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Loon’s linkage (January ’11)

January 31, 2011

Great reads, all of them:

  • Andy Crouch brilliantly ruminates on Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ remarkable ability to “articulate a perfectly secular form hope.”
  • Rachel Held Evans winsomely recounts how trying to love God with her mind put her at odds with an outspoken seminary president.
  • Brett McCracken considers the ways social networking platforms and the “paradox of public intimacy” are impacting church efforts to cultivate community.
  • Kyle Bennett furnishes a compelling essay exploring how “a thorough sensitivity to the Spirit’s presence and work” helps to deepen Christian civility.
  • Nicholas Kristoff makes his case for why guns should be regulated as seriously as cars or toys.
  • Richard Mouw points out how the book of Revelation doesn’t always conform to stereotypes about “apocalyptic literature.”
  • Michael Gerson explains the basis for respecting our fellow citizens, “even when they hold absurd political beliefs.”
  • Ellen Painter Dollar offers a thoughtful critique of the “child-as-project mentality that permeates American parenting today.”
  • Skye Jethani suggests 3 reasons why interfaith cooperation honors God. And yes, he’s writing as an evangelical with strong theological convictions.
  • Ed Stetzer unpacks some of the most common challenges faced by church planters.
  • Christianity Today announces its 2011 Book Awards.