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Loon’s linkage (December ’10)

December 31, 2010

The New Year brings a host of opportunities for reflection and new beginnings. In that vein, I’ve decided to start up a new feature here on the blog. Cue drumroll…

Behold, I hereby present the inaugural edition of Loon’s Linkage, a monthly collection of links to articles, resources and blog posts I find intriguing or compelling in some way. Disclaimer: I realize that “link lists” are pretty standard fare in the blogosphere these days, so I’ll try to avoid unrestrained redundancy.

The purpose is not to fortify an ideological stronghold against all discussion and critique (a tempting endeavor if it wasn’t so impractical), but to compile and chronicle the ideas that are shaping or stretching my perspective. We’ll see where this goes, but I hope it will become an evolving bibliography for my (often unposted) thoughts on the interplay between theology, culture and the local church.

And as always, if you have any thoughts on what’s been linked or posted here, please don’t hesitate to weigh in. So with that, it’s time to let loose with a Loon-style linkage lookback list: